Toyota Body Mount Chop Plates


Body mount chop plates for 4th Gen 4Runner, 5th Gen 4Runner, 2nd Gen Tacoma, 3rd Gen Tacoma, FJ Cruiser, GX 460, and GX 470.

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TKO BMC Plates

What is a BMC Plate?

Body mount chop plates allow fitment of a larger/wider tire without rubbing.

TKO body mount chop plates are the best BMC plates available. Laser cut out of 1/8th steel these plates will fit perfectly every time allowing for more tire clearance! TKO guarantees fitment for all 33″ tires. Beyond that may require firewall clearancing.



Installation requires cutting and welding. Check out our helpful video for more information:



-4th Gen 4Runner

-5th Gen 4Runner

-2nd Gen Tacoma

-3rd Gen Tacoma

-FJ Cruiser

-GX 460

-GX 470.


Whats included?

-2x body mount plates, driver and passenger side