Sloan Motorsports Stickers


Genuine Sloan Motorsports Stickers. Entire sale goes to Brandon’s family.

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Genuine Sloan Motorsports stickers. All proceeds will go to Brandon’s family to help with recovery and medical bills. Stickers are in stock with limited supply.


Designs available:

-SM Waves

Dimensions: 2″x1″

Jump right into this deep blue wavy pool. Sloan Motorsports x wavy to get the vibes feeling right.


-SM Cheetah

Dimensions: 2″x1″

Be fierce, be a cheetah. Sloan Motorsports x reflective cheetah. Eat your heart out.

-SM Cheetah Reflective


Dimensions: 2″x1″


-SM Zebra Reflective

Dimensions: 2″x1″

Would you look at that. Sloan Motorsports x reflective zebra sparkle vibes. Is it what it is.


-SM Racing Orange


Dimensions: 3″x2″

Sloan Motorsports racing. My personal favorite of the bunch. So classy, but still gets down on the disco floor at 2am.

-SM Racing Purple

Dimensions: 3″x2″


-SM Sloan Motorsports

Dimensions: 3″x2″


-Sloan Motorsports #Teamdriver Large

Dimensions: 4″x4″

Ever wanted to be apart of a team? Well, here’s your chance. Slap these bois on, and you’re officially a “team driver” for Sloan Motorsports.

-Sloan Motorsports #Teamdriver Small

Dimensions: 1″x1″


-Sloan Motorsports 4521


Dimensions: 2″x2″

It’s my face, what more could you want?