Rear Outboard Shock Hoop / Tacoma and 4Runner


Our Rear Outboard Shock Hoop moves the shocks to the outside of the frame rail which improves shock efficiency and performance.

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The Rear Outboard Shock Hoop for the 1st Gen Toyota Tacoma and 3rd generation 4Runner moves the rear shocks to the outside of the frame rail.

These these trucks come stock with the rear shock mounts on the inside of the frame, unlike most newer style Toyota trucks and 4Runners, which have them on the outside.

Our weld-on outboard shock hoop allow for a 2.0×10″ Fox or King shock, which will enhance street and off-road performance. This set up works great with any aftermarket leaf pack. We recommend the Deaver Pre-runner leaf packs. A 2.5×10″ can fit, but may rub when the rear end articulates.

The lower shock mounts are required to be welded on the axle, the tabs are included.

Rear Outboard Shock Hoop Specs

  • Hoops are 1.5″ DOM
  • Tabs are 3/16″ P&O Steel
  • Works with most aftermarket leaf springs and 2.0 shocks with a 10″ stroke


  • 2x Outboard Shock Hoops
  • 4x Axle tabs
  • Grade-8 Hardware