MORRFlate Duo (2Tire, 12ft Each Hose)


The MORRFlate Duo has two 12ft hoses coming off of the manifold for a total length of 24ft from air chuck to air chuck.

Inflate, Deflate, and Equalize air pressure in 2 tires, at once.

Please note: Current order processing times are about 7-10 days due to the order backlog. We are working at 2x capacity here to get caught up though. Please contact us if you have any questions!

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– Air up 1 to 2 tires simultaneously (Less stress on your compressor!)
– Air down 1 to 2 tires simultaneously (Less stress on you!)
– Check 2 of the tires’ PSI from the manifold (No more continuously bending over checking PSIs)
– Move air from a spare tire into another tire
– Effortlessly equalize tire pressures
– Run different PSI in the front tires from the back tires
– If your air source is in a different location, or you need a little bit more reach, check out our MORRFlate Extensions
– Don’t forget your MORRFlate Digital Gauge with your order, so you can set precise and accurate tire PSIs, unlike dial gauges.
– All MORRFlates fit ARB compressors and PowerTanks “plug n play” If you have a Smittybilt, Viaire, Warn Powerplant, or something modeled after those, check out our MORRFlate Adapter Kits.
– Read the entire MORRFlate Off Road 4 Tire Inflation Deflation™ Kit article for more detailed information!

Inflate, Deflate, and Equalize up to 2 tires with no installation, and no prep. Just pull your MORRFlate Duo 2 Tire Inflation & Deflation™ Kit out of its storage bag, hook it onto your tires, and grab a drink while all your friends get their squats in.

The MORRFlate Duo is made with simplicity and durability in mind. It is rated for up to 22CFM, 150 psi, -40 to 150 degrees F. It is kink and abrasion resistant, does not hold memory, and there is no installation required.

Unlike the MORRFlate Quad 4 Tire Inflation & Deflation™ Kit, there is a lot less hose to deal with. However, you can only do 2 tires at a time. So, if you are good at coiling garden hoses, then the MORRFlate Quad 4 Tire Inflation Deflation™ Kit may be the best choice. If not, then the Duo is what you want. We have found that for 34-35″ tires and lower, it is slightly quicker (by a few seconds) to air up and down with the MORRFlate Duo+. With tires bigger than 34-35″ it is much quicker to air down with the MORRFlate Quad.

The MORRFlate Duo is half the overall length of the MORRFlate Duo+. It is comprised of two, 12ft leads (as opposed to two 24ft leads on the Duo+). This means you have less hose to deal with when you coil up the kit and put it away in its carrying bag.

The entire MORRFlate line will work “plug n play” with any air source that uses an “IM Coupler” to connect to. This means ARB compressors and Power Tanks. If you have a Smittybilt, Viair, Warn Powerplant, or something else modeled off of one of those, you will need to check out our MORRFlate Adapter Kits.