Extended Steel Braided Brake Line


KPOffroad +6″ steel braided brake lines for your Toyota. Extended brake lines are a MUST HAVE when lifting or offroading your rig! These are designed to work with all mid travel setups.

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KPOffroad +6″ Extended Steel Braided Brake Line



-1996-2023 4Runner

1995.5-2023 Tacoma

-2003-2023 GX

-2007-2014 FJ Cruiser

-2000-2006 Tundra

-2000-2007 Sequoia

Rear (12″ max shock length):

-1996-1999 4Runner



One often overlooked component when lifting your rig is the short factory brake line. The factory rubber brake lines limit travel and are prone to breaking when articulating over rough terrain. Our extended brake lines replace the factory rubber ones with a +6″ steel braided lines. Our front brake lines include a high-quality tab for securing your brake line to the spindle. All necessary hardware and clips are included by default. Brake lines are designed to work with all mid travel setups.

Our brake lines are guaranteed to:

  1. Increase Suspension Travel: Lifted trucks often have a larger suspension travel than stock trucks. This increased travel can cause the stock brake lines to become stretched, which can result in reduced brake performance or even brake failure. Extended brake lines are designed to accommodate the increased suspension travel and maintain proper brake performance.
  2. Improve Durability: Our extended brake lines are made from high-quality steel braided high pressure line, which is much more durable than the stock rubber brake lines. This increased durability can help prevent brake line damage from rocks, debris, or other hazards.
  3. Improve Braking Performance: Upgrading to steel braided lines can provide improved brake pedal feel and response, especially under heavy braking conditions. This can increase your confidence and control while driving your lifted truck.

Overall, extended brake lines are a must have on any lifted vehicle and should not be overlooked.


Installation should be done by a professional with automotive braking system experience only.