Halo and Demon Eye Guide

Halos are rings of light that typically used as a running light, a turn signal, or just to add a little bit of flair to your headlight build. See the infographic below to learn about the different types!

Rear halos sit in the back of the shroud and light up the pattern around the projector, creating the unique designs you see. An example of a rear halo only build is shown below.

Front halos go around the opening of the projector on the front of the shroud. On some headlight builds, we are only able to install front halos due to existing trim inside of the headlight. 

Pro tip! Add front halos to your RGBW builds to really make your color changing pop!

Examples of a front halo only build and a build with both front and rear halos is shown below.

Front Halo Only

Front and Rear Halo

Standard Halos vs RGBW Halos 

Standard (Switchback) Halos

The standard add on for halos is switchback halos. They will light up white and amber, like the pictures above. It has the ability to function as a turn signal if wired that way. 

RGBW Halos

The RGBW Upgrade for halos makes them full color changing. It is Bluetooth controlled and has 120 different show modes, as well as a ton of solid colors, including white and amber.

We how will be offering upgraded RGBW halos with turn signal functionality standard for all orders that select the RGBW upgrade.

Shaped Halos (Hex halos and X Halos)

We now offer two special shaped halos, a hex halo and an X Halo. Both of these are able to be added to any build as a front halo upon request for a small additional charge. 

Both the Hex and X halo require the RGBW upgrade. 

Hex Halo

X Halo (Seen as the front halo)

Demon Eyes

Demon eyes back light the projector itself (the center of the headlight). These do not change the color of the light emitted from your headlight 

The term demon eye comes from the red backlit option, but they are available in red, blue, green, white, and purple as singe colors. If you add on the RGBW upgrade, the demon eye can be full color changing along with your halos.

These are great for adding a little extra customization, especially for builds like the 06-09 4Runner, 14+ 4Runner, Gx470, and 16+ Tacoma where a shroud and rear halos is not possible. 

Two examples of Demon eyes are shown below.